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The third molars commonly known as wisdom teeth, usually erupcionam between 17 and 25 years of age, i.e. usually are the last to show up in the cavity well.

A third molar partially erupcionado can cause gingivitis (gum inflammation), abscesses, local irritation, pain, swelling, and even the appearance of tooth decay, as hygiene becomes difficult in the region.

When the third molar is fully included (within the bone), can produce tooth resorption neighbor, painful disorders and even corruption (quísticas).

The extraction of the third molar is shown when he is badly positioned, there is not enough space in the arcade, in pain and when the rash is not complete.

For the surgery has a quiet and without major postoperative discomfort for the patient, there are medicines that are prescribed by the Dentist. Currently, you can make applications of LASER to decrease postoperative symptoms and speed healing.

To make the surgery less traumatic as possible for the patient, can be used for nitrous oxide sedation as well as use of Piezoelectric Surgery in order to reduce the post-

operative 1 PRE-OPERATIVE
Come to the Medical Dental Clinic
If you take medication, tell the Dentist
Delivered before the tests query requests
Avoid taking large amounts of liquids
Prepare ice at home to put at the end of surgery
Come together, avoiding drivin

g 2 post-operative care
Avoid food and hot drinks
Put ice on the treated area
Avoid making efforts (for ex.)
If you have bleeding do compression of the treated area with sterile gauze.
It is normal for the occurrence of edema in two or three days after the surgery that could last about a week
Don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages
You should brush your teeth in the area treated with su

avidade3 º MEDICATION (only with your doctor's prescription and counseling Dentist)
Amoxicillin 875mg + Clavulãnico Acid 125 mg (1 length of 12/12:0 after meals)-ATTENTION the ALLERGIC to penicillin
Ibuprofen 600 mg. (1 comp. of 12/12:0 after meals)
Paracetamol gram. (1 comp. of 12/12:0 after meals)
Deflazacorte 30 mg. (comp. 2:0 3; 2 comp. 12:0 am and at 48 hours; 1 comp. 72 h)
Mouthwash chlorhexidine 0.2% (12/12:0)
Chlorhexidine gel