Dental Esthetics - Dental Clínic Smiles Design in Porto

Currently there are materials with aesthetic capacity very close to the natural called "Biomiméticos", used mainly in cases of anterior teeth by improving the format the color and texture of natural teeth.

Facets are "blades" of porcelain made in dental laboratories. They have the function to improve the esthetics of anterior teeth when the other more conservative methods have not had sufficient effectiveness. This treatment is fast and gives the teeth a natural appearance, because it does not use metal in your clothing (Metal-Free).

The State-of-the-art composite resins are an excellent choice of restorative material to tooth little or moderately affected by tooth decay.

Allied to an enhanced sculpture technique, able to faithfully reproduce the color, shape, texture and gloss of the original tooth enabling the realization of imperceptible restorations. The resins are used for restoring posterior teeth or aesthetic form and earlier with great durability. In addition to restorative use, we can use the resin for aesthetic recontornos, modifying the format and size of the teeth quickly and reversible.

It is very common for the achievement of aesthetic recontornos in resin after orthodontic treatment to restore the harmony of the smile, because for a nice smile plus dental alignment, it is necessary that the shape of the teeth have balance in size and shape.

The maintenance of resins is very simple, and can receive later retouching and polishing applications as needed.