Conscious Sedation - Dental Clínic Smiles Design

The doctors of Project Smiles are entitled to apply for Nitrous Oxide conscious sedation for dental treatment with all necessary equipment including safety and monitoring.

Dental treatment is an experience that involves fear, anxiety and stress for many people. Conscious sedation is a technique that eases the pain or the expectation of pain, making the patient relaxed and cooperative. It involves the administration of oxygen (O2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) by inhalation through a nasal mask whose dosage is controlled by a digital mixer device.

During the administration of the gas, the patient is monitored through devices that record the vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygenation and blood pressure. Everything to give more safety to the patient. This technique, already enshrined in the u.s. and Europe since 1844 and is finally available in Portugal.

Can be used in adults and children with much success.

• Patient awake
• Breathe voluntarily
• No combinations of other drugs (only local anesthetics)
• Never causes complete analgesia
• Patient remains cooperative
• Do not lose protective reflexes
• Short recovery period (with 5 minutes of application of pure oxygen the patient is able to get back their normal activities, including driving)