Biomimetic Dentistry - Dental Clinic Smiles Design

We all want to be beautiful, slim, feel unwelcome, for good; IE to date or just be fine with us. Is the famous pursuit of happiness something that sometimes seem so far away, but know that you can have a hand in aesthetic medicine. The SUCCESS is increasingly related to appearance, in some situations, when you smile, we influence reactions that can be positive or negative. The smile influences in the conquest of a new job, a new love, in interpersonal relations, the Smile opens many doors. And everyone can have a nice smile, well aligned the way you want to. Advances in Dentistry allow such dreams, and how nice it is to dream. The evolution comes from the implants until the most modern ceramics and its unbelievable features.

The current moment of Dentistry is extremely exciting and challenging at the same time. In the quest for Aesthetics we invest more and more in minimally invasive procedures with maximum preservation of teeth almost like a religion, even though an antagonism. Biological gain this simple act to preserve provides a more focused thinking generates to the patient than for the work that will be performed. We seek the Biomimicry, which means mimic-not only aesthetic, but also with regard to the resistance. Why on Biomimetics is the future of Dentistry.

Biomimetics comes from the Greek Bios (life) and mimesis (imitation)-a science that mimics nature.

The great development of the aesthetic materials allowed restorative procedures with less wear and tear, as well as the restoration of dental aesthetics with predictability and durability clinic. Within this range of materials we have ceramics which can be indicated since the Ceramic Veneers crowns passing by several others.
But when it comes to maximum preservation Ceramic facet fits perfectly in this profile of Dentistry Biomimetics, as it mimics perfectly the tooth structure with all its nuances and features of opalescence, translucency and color-that are typical of a natural tooth. Today we have Facets with thickness of at least 0, 2 mm calls Dental contact lenses, which are nothing more than very thin Ceramic blades. Used on the teeth with little or sometimes no wear, depending on the indication and application. Laminates can also be thicker depending on the color characteristic of the tooth as well as the initial indication.
The final results of a Dental Aesthetic treatment are really revolutionary in self-esteem, a scruffy smile can be fixed, space between the teeth, called diastema that cause a bad impression on your work or social environment, too. Discolored teeth can be bleached or use facets with longer lasting results. Everyone can have a nice smile.

When the person undergoes aesthetic improvement that gives her a look of more authority, credibility, respect, and etc,-and this may be by various contrivances, as aesthetics of the smile-your new image and attitude make her to influence the behavior of people in front of you, and so improve your life as a whole.

Within this context of health and beauty to Dentistry could not be left out; a harmonious smile with beautiful lips (aesthetic medicine), white teeth and aligned is considerable and objective ideal.