Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics in Oporto

The teeth to work well you need to be in balance in the upper and lower dental Arcade, always subjected to a system of forces of the chewing muscles, lips, cheeks and tongue. The loss of a single tooth unbalances that system and the teeth move, getting the chewing and aesthetics. In short, the missing teeth need to be replaced quickly to the masticatory system remain in balance.

The fixed prostheses are ceramic teeth that aim to restore the anatomy, function and aesthetics of the lost or damaged teeth, and its main characteristic is being cemented into your mouth and can only be removed by the dentist.

Depending on the material used, the aesthetic result is generally excellent. But in cases where there is a large bone loss by Periodontal Disease, obtaining an aesthetic gets harder.

Are fixed prostheses that attach the porcelain and metal properties. China can play with perfection the dental element lost while the metallic structure gives a great resistance to graft, enabling the making of ponds.

The PPRs are indicated, in General, for cases of loss of large number of teeth, especially in cases where there is no possibility of placing of implants. This device is fixed in the mouth via metal hooks supported by natural teeth (teeth pillars).

There are also restraint systems without hooks, male/female, type the "Attachments". This system uses a more sophisticated technique and has better acceptance among patients, as it provides better aesthetics and stability of PPRs.

Are devices used when there is loss of all teeth. His restraint is only accession onto gingiva. A good complete denture, it must be replaced to 5 years even if the patient feels good enough for her. With the constant use occurs, without notice, wear the prosthetic teeth. This can cause long-term problems in the joints of the jaw (TMJ) by reducing the height of the vertical dimension.

With the advent of implants, new prospects have opened up for the solution of difficult cases with little retention and stability of dentures.

Are also available nowadays special pigments for making Dentures with gums characterized, which give them a more natural color according to the patient's original gum.