Oral Rehabilitation - Dental Clínic Smiles Design

Oral rehabilitation is the name given to the set of procedures performed by the dentist in the various specialties of dentistry and that aims to return the patient to oral health, masticatory and aesthetic function lost in cases where the patient's oral health is already a stage called collapse.

-many years of lack of oral health care, dental and/or loss problems advanced periodontal
-loss of one or more teeth may cause migrations and dental extrusions
-bad occlusion which makes it difficult to chew food.
-loss of all teeth in the mouth because cause beyond the difficulties in feeding, cause various neuro-muscular problems in the lower third of the face.
-Severe Bruxism with excessive wear of teeth
-Acid Erosion

The oral rehabilitation begins with an initial consultation where the dentist will make an assessment of the general health situation, through anamnesis and clinical examination of the patient's oral health.

Found the picture of collapse may be required a radiographic evaluation and study models (moulding) which will use to perform the treatment plan. In this planning, the multidisciplinary team, assess what is required during treatment.

-teeth that are kept, processed and lost
-periodontal treatment is needed?
-teeth will have to undergo endodontic treatments
-teeth for crowns or fillings
-no need of Osseointegrated implant placement and in which regions will be placed?
-no need of orthodontic treatments?

In many cases the oral rehabilitation can require multiple queries, and extend for several months, depending on their complexity.